Chilli Surfboards Miami Spice 50/50 FCSII 5’8 Clear

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This board takes small wave surfing to a whole new level. A fun level for beginners, a progressive level for intermediate surfers and a shredding level for advanced surfers when the conditions aren’t looking to flash.

Having width in the outline for paddle power and carry through the flat sections of the wave. A new Double Bump (or aka double flyer) into a Chilli signature Thumb Tail. This allows the tail end of the board to be neatly pulled in so it performs in the pocket part of the wave very nicely, very easily. A slight Single Concave between the feet for speed and Vee out behind the back fin for easy transition from rail to rail. Choose your Thruster or Quad setup (it comes with 5 plugs for your convenience), your desired volume (we recommend 2-3 Litres higher then your general shortboard) and your away. You have to experience the Miami Spice!

Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials, the 50/50 technology combines a lightweight EPS core with High Grade Fibreglass Cloth Carbon Fibre Frame and Epoxy. Carbon Fibre Frame a parabolic carbon frame on the deck and linear carbon stringers on the bottom is designed to provide a controlled flex pattern!The familiar flex of the liner carbon stringers allows the rider to generate speed while the parabolic frame on the deck controls twisting through the front two thirds of the surfboard. With a highly responsive feel this layup allows the surfer to generate speed and drive with ease.


  • Size: 5’8″ x 21 x 2 7/16 x 2 1/2
  • Volume: 32.4 L
  • Outline: Shortboard
  • Tail: Round
  • Concave: Single / double
  • Rail: Medium
  • Wave: 0 – 5 feet (No wave to shoulder high)
  • Finsystem: FCSII 5 Fins
  • Surfer: Intermediate / expert



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