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Amenity Pouch Washed Grey

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Ein neues Mitglied der Modular Pocket Familie. Genauso nützlich beim Reisen, wie im Alltag. Ein großes und zwei kleine Innenfächer.


  • Aussenstoff: 100% Baumwollcanvas
  • Futter: kein Futter
  • Grösse: 19x11x6 cm
  • Gewicht: 0.2 kg
  • Volumen: 1.2 Liter
  • Innentasche mit Reissverschluss
  • Vegetabil gegerbte Leder-Details
  • Wasserabweisend

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Good answers are always the result of the right question. Our goal is to create bags for people in a modern environment. And if you’re looking for a bag that suits your way of life, then QWSTION can get you there. Our bags are designed with the modern metropolitan individual and their demand for mobility and flexibility in mind. Besides questioning how products are designed and made, the focus is put on the integration of functionality in a distinctive visual language. Each product offers various carrying options. The result are hybrid products that deny the usual categorization, to create our own niche in the market inbetween high fashion and functional utility.


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