Everyday life is gray! That’s what the three friends Sean Pfister, Fabian Knup and Claudio Lumbiarres thought in 2013 after a trip together. And that’s where the vision of making the world more colorful with everyday accessories was born. A short time later, DillySocks was born.

The unique patterns of the socks, inspired by the colors and shapes of everyday life, are designed and created in Switzerland and produced in a small family business in Portugal. An equally important part of the product is its sustainability. Thus, all DillySocks are made from organic cotton and are produced under the Oeko-Tex® 100 standard. This seal guarantees that the textiles are free of harmful substances and are not harmful to health. So every pair of DillySocks is a statement for a more colourful, fairer and more ecological world!

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    DillySocks Rosa Bouquet 35 – 38

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