Lightning Bolt


Lightningbolt 2


Born in Hawaii in the summer of 1971, Lightning Bolt was comprised of Gerry Lopez and Jack Shipley at the time of its inception. Forty years since first born, the brand has reintroduced itself to the world.
Lightning Bolt at its core represents a philosophy that surfing, in its truest form, is a way of life. Those behind the brand redefined surfing at the time as it began to move away from the traditions of the past and embraced the radical change that lay ahead. Today, the bolt is a still a symbol that embodies a mythical energy source and an individualist perspective. The brand celebrates the passion of these individuals and surfing as pure connection to our natural environment as well as serving as the canvas of self-expression.
Lightning Bolt as a brand opens up the possibilities for technical progression and function in and out of the water. Premium product designed consciously and with function in mind. We offer a range of seasonal collections while maintaining an ever-evolving hard goods program. With a knowledge of the past in mind, Lightning Bolt remains committed to its ethos: Lightning Bolt: A Pure Source.

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