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Channel Islands - Twin Pin Signatur Series

Twin Pin Signature Series

This sexy, versatile twin-finned pintail is a collaboration between Britt Merrick and one of the world’s most stylish surfers, Mikey February. The two wanted to create a board that had all the fun twin feels but enough hold and projection to free you from ever wishing for a third fin or trailer. Designed as an all-rounder, it helps you rip in anything from lame little waves to double overhead riling walls.

From the nose and toward the back, the bottom is flat, then to a slight roll, and vee in the back half, which creates a buttery board that is both responsive and solid. The rails are low, so most people ride the Twin Pin at least 1/8” thicker than their shortboard. It works best with the special twin fin template Britt designed just for this board that is between a keel and upright and provides the right balance of drive, hold, and maneuverability.

The Twin Pin can be ridden with various dimensional approaches according to what you want to do, ride, and feel. Mikey February surfs a 6’0” shortboard and likes his Twin Pins at 5’9” and5’11” to suit any conditions around the world. Tanner Gudauskas likes his the same length as his normal shortboard for Trestles, and Britt likes to ride his Twin Pins at Rincon a couple of inches longer than his regular shortboards.

The Twin Pin comes with a resin tinted deck, black lams, and clear bottom. Final colors may vary.

White CHF 749.00

Resin Tint CHF 859.00

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Channel Islands - CI Mid

CI Mid Midlength

The CI Mid is a modern classic design resulting from a fun collaboration with Devon Howard, a southern California surfer that has spent the past two decades riding and refining boards of this genre.

Inspired by the clean, longer-railed lines drawn on traditional eggs and single-ns, the CI Mid fuses that vibe with the crispness, sensitivity and freedom made possible by modern features synonymous with Merrick design principles. Boasting a moderate midlength template with low entry rocker and foam forward for ease of paddle and effortless trim speed, the CI Mid scoots, squirts and swivels thanks to contemporary features like double-barrel concave, graduated rocker, and hard, slightly tucked rails through and off the tail.

A reliable all-arounder that flies over the flatter, smaller stuff, the CI Mid really stands apart from other midlength designs in shoulder-high to nearly double overhead pointsurf, where surfers are able to lay down flowy, arcing turns with total confidence speed and control.

The minimalist logo is out of the Channel Islands Archives—a lam Al put on his boards in the early ’70s—all CI Mids are stocked with high quality, colorful resin craftsmanship (6-4oz. decks with 6oz. bottoms). We’ve also designed a, custom2+1n template for this board with our neighbors and friends at True Ames Fins in Goleta, California.

Resin Tint CHF 899.00

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Channel Islands - Fishbeard


Alternative Performance Parker Coffin said it first: “A NeckBeard 2 would work sick as a twin-fin-fish!” So we got to work redesigning the back half of the NB2 template and rocker, paired the board with our CI Keel Fins, and the FishBeard was born.

A sleeker, more performance-ready design than the CI Fish, the Fish Beard is pure business in the front and all party in the back. Get forward on this user-friendly board and drive from the center and you’ll have all the speed and flow you always desired. Step back on the tail to engage the fins and rails, which provides you hold, pivot, projection and the freedom to rip as hard as ever. To keep the party going, we dug into the archives and found some vintage mid-’80s,uorescent logos and recreated CI’s iconic layup from that era.

White CHF 749.00

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Channel Islands - NeckBeard 3

Neckbeard 3 Signature Series

When something isn’t broke, there’s no need to fix it. That said, Britt Merrick and Dane Reynolds still felt a few slight refinements would make an already epic board that much better. And it did: The merits of our original NeckBeard’s update (aka NeckBeard 2) were seen in Dane’s surf film “The Electric Acid Surfboard Test.”

A big fan of single concave, Dane asked Britt to take out the vee from the original NeckBeard, creating single throughout. This changed the rocker landscape some, but in a very positive way—enhancing its wave entry, down-the-line speed, and overall control. They also widened the tail block 1/2” and added a slight hip, resulting in increased responsiveness and maneuverability.

In our 3.0 tweak to this great design, we updated only the tail by rounding out its signature square block. While the NeckBeard 3 is the exact same shape in every other way, its new tail design makes this skatey, angular turning air board more versatile by providing smoother transitions in the pocket and buttery carves out on the face—not to mention better hold and more confidence in the barrel.

The NeckBeard 3 is built with the tri-fin set up in mind but also works very well as a quad via a five-n setup, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. Available in both PU/PE and EPS Spine-Tek.

Epoxy Spine Tek CHF 869.00

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Channel Islands - Rocket Wide Squash

Rocket Wide Squash Signature Series

The Rocket Wide has been one of our most versatile and popular boards and this new version only enhances its qualities.

Adding the squash tail to the Rocket Wide has given me a whole new perspective on the design. Ultimately what I love most about the Rocket Wide is how much speed it carries through a ride, and the squash really allows you to round out your turns and create smooth lines on the wave with all that speed. It has been a blast feeling that freshness under my feet and stoked to have it as part of my daily quiver to ride!!!- Dane Gudauskas

PU white CHF 749.00

Bestellung und Beratung: [email protected]

Lost Surfboards - Sub Driver 2

Sub Driver 2

Our best small wave, performance shortboard just got better!

Since its inception, each version of the SUB DRIVER has remained our most successful, small wave competition surfboard. From Kolohe Andino’s 2011 run of 5 WQS event wins (WCT qualification) to Mick Fanning taking notice and famously grabbing one of Kolohe’s discarded SUB DRIVERS, blazing through heats at The Lowers Pro and subsequently claiming the board had “Completely changed his perception of what a competition board can be”.  The SUB DRIVER has remained a mainstay of our competitive team rider’s quivers.  Year after year, competitors around the world request the SUB DRIVER as a special weapon for the varied and unpredictable WQS surf, yet just about anyone with even modest skills can ride this board as a daily driver.

The SUB DRIVER 2.0 is the latest iteration in the continuing evolution of our most user friendly, pro-formance shortboard. Developed in the soft peeling points of San Clemente, it loves small to average surf and really does well in connecting the dots in mushy points, or weak, broken up beach breaks. A surfboard developed for competitors in sub-par surf, that actually transitions perfectly to everyday surfers.

The SUB DRIVER 2.0 was derived to benefit the Pros, yet it really is perfect for most “Bros”.

Reflecting the small wave demands from Kolohe Andino, Griffin Colapinto and our up and coming team of Jr Pros and WQS Warriors, constant evolution and noticeable updates have brought us to the point where we are now proud to launch the SUB DRIVER 2.0.

White CHF 729.00

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Lost Surfboards - California Twin

California Twin

MARK RICHARDS & MATT BIOLOS come together to bring you a modern Twin Fin + Trailer “Fish” with some unique tweaks to create a modern MR.  MR’s classic lines, speed, and precision turns- with Mayhem’s small wave performance prowess.

A Modern, single to double concave, twin + trailer “Fish”, based off MR’s most popular modern shortboard…The SuperTwin. Mark allowed me the honor of tweaking his iconic #SuperTwin model to create a modern, user friendly, small wave weapon. We dramatically lowered the entry rocker, widened the nose and tail block, and added a couple inches of width to the overall outline, giving gobs of glide in gutless surf.  We flattened the deck for stability, but retained MR’s classic speedy, down soft rails and his modern performance tail rocker…Ensuring it still turns proper and precise. Flat where it needs to be, but still curvy in the right spots, and skates along but still turns in tight spots. This is a Fish that you can grovel the small stuff, but still really rip on.  Pictured with hand airbrushed rails from @artbyryder, reflecting Mark’s classic color scheme, with a youthful flair.

Epoxy LightSpeed CHF 829.-

Bestellung und Beratung: [email protected]

Chris Christenson - Chris Fish

Chris Fish

The Chris Fish is Chris Christenson’s best selling surfboard. Timeless. Iconic. Beautiful. A classic.

The Chris Fish has it all; the trim speed, ability to put it on rail, paddle power or just do some great surfing.

And it doesn’t just perform; it’s such a nice design that you might want to keep it at the sitting room. Maybe your bedroon? Keep it close to you. Enjoy it. Everyday.

This is what Chris has to say about his best design:

“Still probably the most versatile design of all surfboard craft. If you were stranded on an island for the next 10 years and were only allowed one board this would be my recommendation. Tested from Cardiff Reef to Ulu Watu, Waikiki to Pipe, this is a very trustworthy design. Double foil fins with low cant and toe complimented by the twin pin tail allow this board to reach high speeds and insure hold whenever on the rail.”

Christenson suggests you drop 6-8 inches from your shortboard if you are a skilled surfer and fit. Downsize it 2-4 inches from your daily shortboard if you don’t surf that often.

White CHF 789.00

Resin Tint Top and Bottom CHF 949.00

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Christenson x Pukas - Pegaso


A more performance based twin fin when compared to the Chris Fish model, the Pukas Pegaso has a slightly more vertical approach to your surfing and handles bigger surf but still has that twin fin mentality. Out of all Chris Christenson’s twin fins, this is his A team’s favorite.

It can be surfed more aggressively in the pocket yet it still has good glide and drive. It’s a twin fin you can take to Indo or to your local beach break since it handles surf from 1ft-5ft.

How to order the Pegaso: 3-4 inches longer than your standard fish or 3-4 inches shorter than your daily performance shortboard. An average surfer that stands at 1m80cm and 70-75kg. should go for a 5’7″ or 5’8″.

Fins System – Future Systems black boxes exclusively. Fins – The Captain Fin Chris Christenson Twin Especial (Future System). It’s a multi-color solid fiberglass layup. Chris designed this fin to work well in your modern twin fin fish. It has an upright profile for pivot while still delivering the speed and the skatie feel that you love in a twin fin.

Black Rails CHF 759.00

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