APT Pool Tactical Tuna II 5’2

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During the development of the Tactical Tuna, the greatest importance was attached to radical and yet forgiving properties. The round outline gives the board extra stability in critical maneuvers. The deep single to double concave in connection with the pronounced rocker line makes the board accelerate and enables radical turns over the rail. The tailkick gives the board additional pop for airs, 360s, reverses and pop shuvits.

Martin Suter took 2nd place at the Swiss Wavepool Championships 2019 with this shape.

The Foam
For the APT pool boards, we use a high-density EPS foam that is foamed in a form. The main advantage of an EPS foam is its excellent stability and low weight. This extends the life of the foam and gives you a surfboard with a long-lasting and lively flex. In comparison, the flex of a PU board decreases rapidly over the years.

The Innegra fiber frame
The entire rail of the board is reinforced with an Innegra frame. The material is extremely impact-resistant and has very good flex properties. Due to the improved flex of the rails, the board has very good torsional rigidity. This makes the board extremely responsive and generates extra speed in the turns.

The epoxy laminate
The board is glazed with a UV resistant epoxy resin system. The resin used is more environmentally friendly compared to polyester resin and also extends the lively flex behavior by 2-3 times. Under the front foot we use an additional layer with biaxial fabric that transmits the driving impulses directly to the rails.

The fin plugs
The FCSII fin plugs used are laminated with a hard foam coating. In the construction used, the plugs are still connected to the deck of the board. For the laminate we use 2 layers of fiberglass and one layer of Innegra fiber.

Durability and repairs
The APT pool surfboard is very durable thanks to the use of high-tech materials. However, it is not fully protected against dinghies. In the event of damage, the area to be repaired should first be dried and then repaired with epoxy resin. As with any surfboard, excessive heat should be avoided (e.g. oven conditions in a closed car on a sunny day in summer).

Still not sure which board to buy? Or do you just want to try a board? If you want to test a board, you will be credited up to CHF 150 when you buy a new board.
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APT Poolsurfboard Tactical Tuna II 5’2, 5’4


  • Size: 5’2 x 19 1/8 x 2 1/8
  • Volume: 23.9 L
  • Outline: Round, small wave
  • Tail: Round square
  • Wave: 0-3 feet
  • Finsystem: FCS II, hard foam, Innegra-Vectornet
  • Riders weight: 60-90 kg
  • Surfer: Beginner / intermediate / expert
  • Extremely stable epoxy Innegra construction
  • Weight: 2.3 kg


APT Shapes – Riversurfboards & Poolboards aus dem Hause Visitor

Als APT Shapes von Visitor Gründern Kili und Roli im Jahr 2014 gegründet wurde, war das Ziel die besten River- und Poolboards zu kreieren. Damit waren Riversurfboards und Poolboards gedacht, welche einen optimalen Shape mit einer fortschrittlichen Bauweise kombiniert. Um das bestmögliche Ergebnis zu erreichen, testet das Visitor Team mit unserem Shaping-Team alle APT Shapes Surfboards. Wir sind stolz darauf, dass wir mit den APT River- und Poolboards extrem stabile und leichte Surfboards anbieten können. Immerhin wurde dafür viel Zeit in Forschung und Entwicklung gesteckt. Umso mehr freuen wir uns, wenn wir eines unserer APT Boards, im Fluss oder auf der Poolwelle, in Aktion sehen. Eure Manöver motivieren uns, unsere Boards ständig zu verbessern.

Visitor Store Philosophie

Seit 20+ Jahren in der Surfszene, einem erfolgreichen Store in Zürich und unseren Surfboards Eigenbrands (Kiro Surfboards, APT Shapes und Subject) dürfen Kili und Roli auf ein breites Wissen zurückgreifen. Mit der Entwicklung des Stores, begann auch das Re-Branding der Visitor Surfboards. Seit 2022 laufen alle Surfboard Brands von Visitor unter dem Markennamen: Visitor Surfboards. Die Performance blieb unverändert und wurde lediglich verbessert, so auch das Design. Fans der Visitor Surfboards dürfen sich auf eine noch grössere Auswahl an Surfboards freuen! Gerne beraten wir dich im Store über unsere Neuheiten!

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