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Wrap Rax Double Silicon

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Wrap Rax Double von Creatures of Leisure sind schlau gemacht und sehr robust. Ideal um deine Boards sicher auf dem Dach deines Wagens zu fixieren. Industrietaugliche 30mm Metallschnalle mit geformtem Silikonüberzug zum Schutz des Autos. Hochbelastbares 30mm-Militärgurtband.


  • Haltbare, gepolsterte Auflagen sitzen zwischen Brettern und Autodach
    Hält 2-6 Shortboards oder 2-4 Longboards
  • Passend für die meisten Autos
  • Kommt in stabile, wiederverwendbare Tragetasche
  • 30mm breite maß gefertigte Metallschnallen
  • 30mm breites x 2mm starkes Militärgurtgewebe

About Creatures Of Leisure

Creatures of Leisure is located on Western Australia’s wave-rich South West coast, Yallingup and its surrounds has bred some of the world’s best surfers for several generations. The region boasts multiple breaks within a relatively short span of coast, most with a reputation for quality and a power comparable with that of Hawaii. It’s the perfect place to test surfing accessories. None of Creatures’ surfing products hits the market without being given a thorough workout in these waves by our staff and sponsored riders or further afield by members of our international surf team. It was here in Yallingup that a young John Malloy put down roots after hitching his way from Los Angeles in 1972. Over the 4 years that followed he and a mate developed the world’s first urethane leash with injection parts to tackle the powerful local waves. That venture sparked a passion for designing and developing surf accessories that continues to this day.


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