Home is where the heart is. That’s why Schönstaub offers elements for the living space that are not only of the highest quality, but will enrich your most valuable place in the world. Our collections of woven carpets and printed bath towels are contemporary with a certain cutting-edge, products of unique design and excellent workmanship that will be with you for years. Because no matter where life leads you – EVERY JOURNEY BEGINS AT HOME.
In 2010 designers Nadja Stäubli and D.Schönen founded Schönstaub in Zurich, Switzerland. After successfully launching their line of products and working together for two years, Nadja and David decided to persue individual ventures as Nadja continued to further develop the Schönstaub collection with a creative team. From the beginning, premium quality in aesthetics and material has been first priority. Carpets and bath towels are created in collaboration with leading manufacturing enterprises. Together, we develop products that incorporate photorealistic motives, graphic elements and fine drawings.
At Schönstaub, we love to cooperate with artists such as Veli & Amos and Haw-lin , and are always open for new ventures with other creative minds – be it from the artistic field or from inventive brands and companies. We also offer customized products with originally created designs for your individual need.
Contact us if you’re interested in collaborating with Schönstaub or for detailed consulting on customized offers.
When it comes to innovation in the field of weaving techniques, our partner company is one of the leading enterprises in the world. We’re very happy to be working closely with this Swiss/German company and develop new technologies for the realization of our ideas and designs. Photorealistic motives, graphic elements, fine drawings or the combining of different weaving techniques in one carpet – all of it is possible in a remarkable resolution of 1’620’000 dots per square meter.


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