Swimsuit Sawu White Cordure Appeal

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Sawu sieht toll aus und ist zum Surfen gemacht. Die kurzen Ärmel machen es zu einem perfekten Kompromiss zwischen einem klassischen Badeanzug und einem Rashie. Die hohe Taille gibt guten Halt und macht eine schöne Silhouette. Möchtest du eine einzigartige Alternative zum Bikini und dem klassischen Einteiler? Der Sawu ist nur für dich.


  • sporty onepiece
  • short sleeve
  • regular cut bottom
  • zip in the back
  • made with 100% high quality lycra
  • double layered
  • full coverage
  • ultimate wearing comfort
  • made for surfing

Über OY Surf Apparel

What sets OY Surf Apparel products apart is their ultimate functionality, quality and variety. The surf bikinis are a perfect fit, without having to compromise on design. The fixed and relieving cross on the back of our tops provides maximum wearing comfort for the accomplished everyday woman. The different bottoms we offer allow for generous coverage, but with practical strings that can be tightened according to the needs or taste of the individual, also allowing for optimum grip or release. With the many different products and a wide range of cuts and shapes, we offer the perfect fit for any body type and activity. Each product is also available in a variety of colors and patterns. OY Surf Apparel gives you a free range to mix & match as you please regarding cut, color and pattern. Although the label is surf culture oriented, OY Surf Apparel has also created various complimentary products such as leggings and tops, with practical cuts and combinations, yet simple designs for all our joggers and yoga girls out there.


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